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As an (aspiring) entrepreneur we can help you get through the phases from ideation towards a growing business. We will connect you to the right people, enable you to develop your entrepreneurial skills, help you out with the less sexy parts of entrepreneurship and make sure you get facilitated in your entrepreneurial career as far as we can.

Corporate Partners

As a corporate partner, you can be connected to the JADS Playground in several ways, a corporate partnership with the JADS Playground is your seat at the front row for new data-driven startups. Being part of our community will allow you to have an idea of the innovations of today and tomorrow on which entrepreneurial data scientists currently working on.


We are always looking for the right investors to help our start-ups make the next step in their business development and growth! In the case you are interested in investing in data science related start-ups and want to have seat on the first row for the developments of today and tomorrow, please contact us so we can include you in our investor network!


JADS Playground is always looking for mentors to guide our start-ups based on their previous experiences, expertise and genuine motivation to support in the creation of something new.

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Meet our start-ups. The JADS start-ups create data driven solutions and boosting high value companies based on a data scientific approach. See if there are Start-Ups which you could help or which could help you!

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