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About the JADS Playground
JADS Playground's main purpose is to help aspiring entrepreneurs starting their businesses with a link to Data Science. The JADS Playground is based in Jheronimus Academy of Data Science, where the joint master Data Science and Entrepreneurship of Tilburg University and the Eindhoven University of Technology is hosted. This inherently brings the JADS community all the ingredients for successful new businesses, the expertise of entrepreneurship and data science from two leading universities is always readily available and there is a growing basis of entrepreneurial-minded data science talents. JADS Playground aims to be the connector between these key ingredients and offers a platform to experiment, learn and develop.


Our main aim is crossing the bridges between science and practice in the domain of Data Science, striving to have a large and positive impact on society. We are driven by a curiosity and desire to know.
We believe people are making the difference, therefore the entrepreneurs are central to all our activities. With our work, we intend to help aspiring entrepreneurs from the ideation phase towards scaling their business. 
We provide programs supporting the entrepreneurial journey in a playful way. We design, experiment and learn, again and again. We collaborate with like-minded people and make things happen!


JADS playground consists of

Coffee / Week



faith-is-in-the-air (1)

Faith is in the air

At the heart of the beautiful convent of JADS Mariënburg in Den Bosch JADS Playground create a curated community of great minds. By blending data savvy talent, progressive researchers, crazy founders and fast growing companies we build an unbeatable black-box. A sweet spot for local heroes and worldwide fellows.

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Play hard, work smarter

Successful Data Innovation & Entrepreneurship Launchpad is all about developing a systematic approach with shared believes and common language. The so called Data Driven Growth Framework - with the right action, right time- approach - is at the center of all we do. By getting the community on the same page JADS Playground empowers them to speed-up and helps reduce the waste of time, money and energy.

idea-to-impact (1)

From idea to impact

Temporary organization designed to deliver a new product or service with a strong Data Science component und conditions of extreme uncertainty. Searching for a sustainable, repeatable and scalable business model. Regardless of whether this comes from a new venture, innovative SME, corporate or public organization.​

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Connecting the dots

Feel the beat of experimentation, fast learning and blending together at the JADS Playground. People from all kind of angles are part of the hotspot where we fully focus on managing the uncertainty around the combination of Data Science and Entrepreneurship. Artificial Intelligence. Singularity. Blockchain. Internet of Things. Robotica. All covered under one rooftop.​

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  • Sint-Janssingel 92, 's Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands
  • playground@jads.nl

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Monday – Friday: 9am-5pm

Saturday: closed

Sunday: closed

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